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ArmA3 Modded Liberation Server Requirements

The following mods are required to play on the ArmA3 Liberation Modded Server. (all can be found in the Steam Workshop)

Check back often as this list will grow! Have any suggestions for mods you liked to see us running? Leave a comment in the forum HERE!


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Clan of Brothers Liberation Squad Night!

Starting this Sunday (2/28/2016) and every Sunday there after.

  • Start Time: 1:00PM Central time.
  • End Time: Whenever (no set end time)

Get to know you clan mates! Enjoy hours of non-stop action! Kill strange digitized fake people!

Click HERE to goto the event page


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Latest News

Servers are currently offline as we make some needed changes.  ETA about 4 hours.

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Hello COB members!

I have returned after nine months, I was in a coma for two months. I had a horrible bacterial infection that almost killed me. Right now I am in physical rehabilitation since I lost sixty pounds, my arms, hands, legs, and feet didn't work when I came out of the coma. Now I have control of my arms and hands, but I developed neuropathy in my feet and calves, so I can't walk without extreme pain. I get around in a wheelchair and I am starting to use a walker, with the help of pain medication, so things are looking up.
I hope to be released in the next couple of months, with the slightly diminished capacity of my legs and feet, I will walk out under my own power.


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<p>Latest Clan of Brothers command aircraft for use in missions. ** Almost completely stand alone mod. Still need CBA enabled. @CBA_CO ** Will work with all other mods with no conflicts - i.e. GLT missilebox, EB missilebox.... http://images.akamai.steamu... Download here:
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